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Birthday Pony

Well, we made it this far, might as well keep going! The last year has been an absolute whirlwind, and we've learned a lot, and had some fun doing it!

Now that there's a year under our belt, we have a better idea on the day to day, and will be able to have a better focus on some of the more long-term plans. More blog posts, more community outreach, hopefully some in-store shows and appearances... we're really working towards being a fun space for Bellingham, and more than a record store.

One great step in that direction has been our partnership with Structures Brewing! They approached us, and wanted to periodically buy records to play in their taproom, and also have us DJ the occasional event of theirs. We've done a couple of these, and it has been a ton of fun, and makes us excited to do even more with them. They offered to host our little anniversary shindig, and we're honored. Come hang out with us at their taproom Friday, July 28th at their State Street location, and enjoy their beer, our tunes, and some fun company.

Here's to more fun in the future!

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