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"Well, how did I get here?"

Here's my quick intro -- No, I've never owned a record store before, or any other kind of business. I have worked and managed a lot of retail stores over the years, but I've never once worked in a music store. I was a music critic for a brief time, many years ago, and music has always been my first love, even if I have no talent for creating it.

So why do I own a music store now? Well, I'd been a regular at Everyday Music (the previous store in this spot) for years, and caught wind they were closing. After a few moments of being incredibly bummed out, I got ancy. I had an idea, and as usual for me, it was an idea I'd not thought through in the least. I tried to sleep that night, but couldn't, because the idea just wouldn't let go The next morning, I talked to my wife about my harebrained idea, and she was intrigued. That's when the homework began, and without the faintest clue in what we were doing, I left my secure, but completely soul-destroying job, and we bought a music store.

So, with very little safety net, no knowledge in business ownership, but a shitload of passion, here I am. There will definitely be some changes around here, but nothing major. I'm here because I loved it, after all. Merch is coming, and new paint, and a new online presence, but this is functionally going to be a lot like it was previously.

Please, come in, say hi, make suggestions! Expect me to bring in as much as I can, starting with my favorite stuff. If you're a fan of industrial music, hip-hop, punk, or post-punk, you're in luck, at least to the degree that it's available. I'll keep expanding that as well, and do listen to plenty outside of that, so don't fret. Again, please give suggestions!

That said, welcome to the chaos. I hope you have a blast.

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Your location has so much potential, but it also has problems.

Your corner has a problem with loitering that scares away casual shoppers. If you had an active presence asserting music and performance onto the sidewalk?

The other big problem with your block is the big, blank, dark, empty space of that bank parking lot. That block needs some serious brightening up with light, color, and positive activity. Right now, it's just a dingy drive-thru of a block. If people felt safer, and were attracted by something novel, that equals more walk-in business.


Put up a really big flashing sign on the corner of the building that says "LIVE NAKED MUSIC!"

Think I'm kidding? I'm waiting for the royalties, friend.

P.T.Barnum still sells.


Seriously though, maybe you could have a variety of live musicians in the store?

Audition some talented buskers?? Try to bring an older customer in with something nostalgic, 60's and 70's, far out man?! Seriously, "like," today's pop is drivel. Espresso bar??

Art gallery? Take walk-in music requests? Cistene Chapel of Music on the ceiling? "Shop Local: Support Your Neighbors" campaign to encourage local retail versus the evil online.

By the way, I'm also a book junkie, and I found out that my neighbors own a business where I shop, so the local retail angle really is a big deal. I wish we could convince more locals to shop LOCAL, instead of onslime!


Back in the G-P Days we used to call it "Smellingham." 🤭


Jazz! Keep it stocked!🎷🐈‍⬛

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